I2C / Serial Dual Motor Controller
DMC-1 dual motor controller has been designed to function as a versatile DC motor control
module for controlling one or two motors.
The motor controller supports an I2C and serial TTL interface and uses only two lines to
communicate with a main controller (microcontroller or PC). The simple ASCII commands
allow easy module control from microcontroller or PC.
The module is ideal for use in small robotics projects for controlling two-wheel axles.

Key Features

Support the dual interface: standard 100Kbps I2C interface and Serial TTL interface
2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 Serial interface Baud Rate controlled via software
2 DC motor control
Motor supply voltage 2.5 – 15 V
Motor current – 1.2A (3A peak) each
Logic supply voltage 3 – 5 V
PWM resolution – 8 bit
PWM frequency – 20 KHz
Up to 20 controllers may be connected to I2C or Serial bus
Small form factor (1.35” x 0.65”, 34x17mm)

Click here to see the Dual Motor Controller Manual.
Serial Motor Controller