Color Graphic LCD with I2C Interface

"GLCD-FLEXEL" - Color Graphic LCDs with I2C interface

 1.5" LCD with 128x128 resolution
  1.8" LCD with 160x128 resolution

"GLCD-FLEXEL" module is designed as intelligent LCD with embedded 16-bit microcontroller and preloaded Graphic Library. The Graphic Library includes the graphic functions to print text and draw on the screen.

The embedded microcontroller provides the LCD control and takes care of communication with I2C bus. The
module is connected to I2C bus as slave device and supports a simple command structure to communicate with
ARDUINO or your microcontroller. Only two lines are used to connect the module to your controller.

"GLCD_FLEXEL" includes also a keypad port and supports the 4x4 matrix keypad or up to 8 buttons.

ARDUINO "GLCD_FLEXEL" Library is available to download from website. The library provides the complete set of
functions to control the LCD module.

"GLCD-FLEXEL" can be used to replace the traditional character LCDs on Graphic LCD with 65K colors.

Key Features

 Communicate over standard I2C bus (100 Kbit speed) as slave device
 I2C signals are 5V tolerant, provides communication with 3.3V and 5V devices
 Use one power supply +5V, includes 3.3V voltage regulator for LCD
 Graphic LCD with 65K colors and resolution 128x128 or 160x128
 Embedded 16-bit microcontroller with preloaded Graphic Library
 Graphic Library provides the complete set of functions to control LCD: draw line, circle,  rectangle, bevel,
arc, bar ...
 Functions for screen color gradient rendering with 6 different styles
 Four preloaded fonts to print the small size text, medium size text, large size text and big digits
 Keypad Port to support a matrix keypad up to 16 keys (4 rows by 4 columns) or up to 8 buttons
 LCD backlight regulation with PWM control via software  

Click here to download "GLCD-FLEXEL" User's Manual.

ARDUINO Library.
I2C Color Graphic LCD 1.5" 128x128
I2C Color Graphic LCD 1.8" 160x128